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Friday, June 29, 2018


Quills & Hammers

CAROLE CERASI, harpsichord and fortepiano


The fortepiano was invented around 1700, when Bartolomeo Cristofori, keeper of harpsichords and spinets at the Florentine court of Prince Ferdinand de' Medici, conceived and constructed a new keyboard instrument with an ingenious mechanism: hammers that struck and then dropped away from the strings, allowing them to continue vibrating, plus dampers to silence the strings when the keys were released. By the end of the century, the fortepiano had become the keyboard instrument of choice for composers and audiences alike. Its dynamic range allowed for the clear contrasts characteristic of the new “Classicism” that was replacing the perceived artistic excesses of the Baroque. And its louder volume suited the larger public halls being built in Europe as music for mass consumption grew in popularity. Two of the greatest keyboard composers of that exciting historical moment were Josef Haydn and C.P.E. Bach (known as “Emanuel”). Their works are featured--on both harpsichord and fortepiano--in our season finale concert in a performance by the brilliant historical keyboard performer Carole Cerasi. Tickets $50. *SOLD OUT*

Past Concerts 2017-18


September 30, 2017

The Classical Harpsichord: Early Works and Masterpieces by Mozart and Haydn




                                December 3, 2017

Enchantment: The Beauty of the Clavichord

PETER SYKES, clavichord and harpsichord


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sunday, February 25, 2018

El Canto del Caballero: Music and Poetry of the Spanish Baroque

IGNACIO PREGO, harpsichord

TIM PABON, readings in Spanish and English



Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Les Barricades Mystérieuses: Francois Couperin at 350

BÉATRICE MARTIN, harpsichord